Google Analytics Tips & Benefits and how it will help your site convert!

Google Analytics is a powerful tracking and monitoring tool offered by Google. It can generate in-depth statistics about traffic and traffic sources of a website, and it can also measure conversion and sales. Rather than webmasters, this tool is more for Internet marketers. It is a free tool, though a premium version is also available. It can help a website track visitors from all referrers, including direct visits, referring sites, social networking sites and search engines. In addition, Google Analytics also displays pay-per-click networks, advertising, email marketing and digital collaterals, like URLs present in a PDF document.

This is an invaluable tool for people looking to track and monitor their online campaigns and get the best possible results. Whether an online business is big or small, Google Analytics can provide useful statistics on the number of visitors visiting your website as well as details on page views. You can also get information of the new visitors coming to your website. Basically this tool allows you to measure the traffic to your website and analyzing this data allows you to tweak your advertising campaign further.

Who Can Benefit from Google Analytics?

Internet marketing professionals, content and website developers and executives can benefit from using Google Analytics. It can help marketing professional find out where they are getting visitors from, how the website converts, which keywords are popular and result in conversion and which online ad helps to bring in more traffic.

Content developers and website developers working on website optimization and website design can find out where website visits leave the site, which pages tend to hold on to the visitors the longest and which search terms visitors use to find their way to the website.

Executives can learn about website traffic trends, find out which marketing efforts reap better results and which customer segment is more valuable.

Benefits of Using Google Analytics

One of the main benefits of using this tool is having freedom related to website content. You can change the content of your website any time needed. The tool can be a boon for content developers, who focus on website optimization using keywords and keyphrases. In addition, the tool can help drive targeted traffic to your website, so that you get a better conversion rate and generate more revenue. The tool can be used to boost your search engine ranking and improve the productivity of your business.

Websites looking to create a unique brand value for their services or products can use Google Analytics for real time tracking of visitors. It can provide rather accurate and in-depth statistics of the number of visitors, including the time spent by each visitor on the website. Using the tool, you can measure the bounce rate and use it to make changes to your landing page. In fact, sometimes, it is the website design that has an adverse effect on the bounce rate and by just tweaking and improving the design a little bit, it can reduce the bounce rate and improve conversions.

Target Online Visitors: Using the tool to monitor your online visitors, you can actually target niche visitors, who are genuinely interested or keen on purchasing your service or product. The tool allows you track the type of visitors and the popular keywords that help to drive these visitors to your website. You can use Google Analytics to cater to the demands of your website visitors, who are potential customers, and this will help you stay ahead of your competition.

Ascertain Results of Your Marketing Campaign: You can use the tool to optimize the performance of your website and attract more visitors, thereby increasing the possibility of sales. As a part of your SEO marketing strategy, you can use targeted keywords and this can be done by analyzing the statistics carefully. When opt for website optimization using SEO strategies and provide relevant and authoritative content, you will be able to grow and diversify your business.

Customize Your Website: Google Analytics allows you to change your content and improve your website design, so that you attract more visitors to your website. The tool allows you find problem areas in your website and make changes to them, so that visitors find your site more attractive. You can also identify niche areas using Google Analytics and this allows you to add more graphics and images to make your website more appealing to visitors.

Ability to Link Google Adword Account to Google Analytics: This is a boon for Internet marketers, as checking the statistics and analyzing it for a keyword will allow you find out which keywords are most profitable. Google Analytics can show you which positions convert the best. Using the tool, you will be able to see how many Adword visits a specific keyword received and also be able to determine the site usage for each keyword. This helps you find which positions and keywords have the lowest bounce rate and stay the longest time on a site. Google Analytics can help you figure out which is the top converting position for a keyword and this helps to provide you with the best return on investment. When you link your Google Adword account to your Google Analytics account, you can boost your Internet marketing efforts. You can compare different Adword campaigns and also keywords and ad groups.

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