The Art of Link Baiting - 15 Effective Link Baiting Techniques which SEO experts may not want you to know!

Link bait refers to any content or feature in a website that is specifically designed to encourage other websites to link to it. The content or feature can be in the form of text, images, audio clip or video clip. Link bait is an extremely powerful form of viral marketing, as the links are organic and can be a fabulous way to improve visibility and search engine rankings.

Link baiting requires a webmaster to be creative. It takes time, patience and effort. The content or feature should be useful enough for other websites, so that they are attracted to link to it. While many websites view link baiting as a way to improve traffic and online visibility, this is one method of marketing and promotion that websites should opt for to benefit themselves. The World Wide Web is full of information and is the primarily source for millions of people to get information. However, most of the information is rehashed and displayed. If a webmaster puts in unique and valuable content on his website, it will improve the website’s credibility and also provide an authoritative source of information.

Here are 15 effective link baiting techniques that many SEO experts use and may not want you know:

  1. Tool: It is good to give other websites some fun and useful tools that they can use on their websites or blogs. These tools will point back to your website and encourage users from other websites to come and check out your site. It will help to increase traffic to your site and possibly sales.
  2. Quizzes: For as long as one can remember, quizzes are a great way of link baiting. If you can design online quizzes, so that other websites can place a button on their site, it can become viral. For this method to prove effective, you will have to give it some thought and hard work.
  3. Contests: Organize contests that people can participate in. Humans are inherently competitive and cannot say no to a contest. However, be sure to offer great prizes for winning the contest and this will help to improve the rate of participation. Allow participants to enter the competition and many will link back to the website to show their participation. Or you can make the linking compulsory.
  4. Scoops: Be the first website to break a story related to your niche on your website. If the story is really big, you will get several websites in your niche linking back to your website, so that you get the credit for being the source.
  5. Expose: Use your website to expose a fraud or scam and you will be able to create ripples in the World Wide Web. It will become big news and will be flashed all over the Internet. You will have other websites linking to the expose and you will get credited for it.
  6. Humor: Some of the best sites that get linked to have content that is humorous. It could be a cartoon, funny photograph or even a story that gets people to laugh. You will be amazed how well humor is accepted and often it is passed around.
  7. Make Another Person Famous: Use your website or blog to make someone else famous. You can use the same technique to make another website famous. You could create a list of top websites in different categories or offer projects that allow participants to be discovered. This is very attract technique of link baiting as websites and blogs link to such sites as they can see how they rank against other sites and always have hopes of climbing up the rankings. Individuals are attracted to these sites with the hopes of becoming well-known and famous across the World Wide Web.
  8. Usefulness: Provide content that is useful and valuable to others. When a blog or website has such content, people are more likely to pass it around, so that others can also benefit from it. You can do this by showing others how to do something, how to improve their lives for the better or give them knowledge that they did not possess previously.
  9. Research and Statistics: Researching a popular topic and then displaying it on your blog, so that people can use the researched information in some way is another good way to get organic links. You can also display interesting statistics about things that people are passionate about and get similar results.
  10. Give Away Something: Think back to Oprah when she gives every member of her audience something and what a buzz it creates among the audience and viewers, who want to also become part of the talk show. Similarly, if you give away something to visitors to your website you will be able to create a buzz online. However, make sure that the giveaway is great and useful that visitors will appreciate.
  11. List: Create lists to attract attention. There is something about lists that people are attracted to. They will even pass it on to others. However, today the World Wide Web is filled with lists, so you will need to come up with a useful list that stands out amongst other lists. If you can achieve this, you will get linked to fairly easily.
  12. Attack: Another way to get attention and linked to is by picking up 'fights' with other bloggers and getting them to fight back. If you want to build your online reputation around this characteristic, go for it. However, remember when you attack others, you will also get attacked and it may be difficult to sustain this characteristic over a period of time.
  13. Design: You can design something that others can use. Think of designing a great blog theme or template with an inbuilt link and you will be able to get hundreds, if not thousands, of incoming links.
  14. Rants: If you are able to write well, argue your points well and are passionate about your writing and argument, you will be amazed how people can link back to such rants. With your passionate and convincing argument, you will get people stirred up and this will get people to react both positively as well as negatively. So be prepared.
  15. Shock: This link baiting technique has been used by many people quite effectively. In fact, it has been used in other media quite effectively, especially radio. You can shock people with your language, extreme views or publish controversial photographs. If you want to build your online reputation around shock, you can do it quite effectively using many different methods, and you will be amazed how effective it can be to get people to link back to your site.

There are many other link baiting techniques that you can use. Just let your creativity and imagination come to the forefront. The idea is to provide valuable and useful content to people and they, in turn, will link back to your site.

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