Comparing Magento and OScommerce

With the increasing adoption of internet in every domain of our life, more and more companies are developing an online presence as well. Most people use the Internet for banking, social networking and shopping. Perhaps shopping has been the biggest growth sector as far as the use of the internet is concerned. Electronic commerce has grown in complexity and is able to function on par with a normal physical shopping experience too. Concomitant with the growth of ecommerce has been the growth of ecommerce web applications too. A couple of the names in this space are Magento and osCommerce.

Magento is an open source ecommerce application that has been developed by Magento Inc. osCommerce is also an ecommerce software that has been developed by Harald Ponce de Leon. The two ecommerce platforms can be compared across a few important features. Both of them enable the creation of effective and successful web stores.

Ecommerce features
Magento is an open source ecommerce platform. osCommerce is also a free and open source software. Magento needs a foundation of Apache or MySQL or PHP platform. osCommerce needs a web server that will support PHP web scripting and MySQL database. Magento has an almost glittering array of features that allows its clients to create amazingly rich and user-friendly ecommerce websites. Enhancing brand visibility and recall as far as the customer is concerned is a huge deliverable with the use of Magento.

Between the two, osCommerce is known to be the older, easier to install and being slightly behind the times as far as updates are concerned. Magento is the newer ecommerce platform and has garnered more 'followers' for its ease of customization and flexibility.

Shopping cart features
Magento is known for its ability to enable easy updating of shopping cart features. Consider the statistics that its shopping cart was downloaded more than 2 million times and more than 30,000 merchants use this shopping cart feature for their business. It also delivers free support for its shopping cart with the inputs of an active open source community.

Between the two, Magento is said to require more reliability as far as web hosting is concerned since its shopping cart features need a lot of resources. Magento also offers the more hierarchical structure of creating a shopping cart and can prove to be a bit of a challenge to newbies in the field of ecommerce.

osCommerce offers an immense array of shopping cart features and allows its clients to establish, operate and maintain online stores. It allows for the shopping cart to be directly integrated into an operational website or can be used to build a website around the same. It offers quite a few options for payment getaways also like PayPal and TrustCommerce.

The use of Magento and osCommerce helps a company enjoy better returns on investment and better control of ecommerce activities as well. There is also the ability to do analysis and reporting structure which can go into making of better ecommerce strategies. Increase of revenues is also a key deliverable with the use of these ecommerce platforms.

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