Google Dance and the Google Sandbox

Google Inc. has come to mean many things to many people. Many of the terms associated with this mammoth Internet company have been incorporated rather seamlessly into modern lexicon. For instance, if one is looking for information on the net, all too often, one gets down to "Googling" it rather than searching for it!

So maybe it is not too surprising to hear about people asking each other about what is the latest on Dance. And even wondering whether a website has been sandboxed! Both these terms are associated with Google - Google Dance and Google Sandbox - and here's taking a closer look at them:

Learning About the Google Dance
Google is a massive search engine which is perhaps the most popular tool that most people use while trawling for information on the internet. As far as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO goes, it is important to know about Google Dance.

Google Dance is an update that Google performs regularly. SEO is all about getting the proper rankings for one's website to increase footfall and get a strong ranking from Google. It is also interesting to note that the ranking can also help in Search Engine Optimization. Google Dance is when the company rebuilds its rankings. When this huge overhaul of the index or indices is occurring, there is a lot of movement in the web rankings. Ergo the term Google Dance. It is also relevant for SEO companies and SEO Malaysia to know that for the past few years Google Dance is not conducted once a month. It is now conducted every week.

Search engine optimization, as far as Google Dance is concerned, works with a calculation based on index updates and algorithm. This recalculation is conducted by Google sending out little bots all across the Internet to check out new information, new websites and even revisit the old websites. SEO to Google Dance, therefore, is all about deleting websites that do not exist and determining the value of a website.

So what happens if a website falls from ranking or simply disappears? This leads to the exploration of the next term.

The Google Sandbox
SEO results can vary greatly if a website finds itself mired in the Google Sandbox. This is more a conjecture in the world of search engine optimization, but the Google Sandbox Effect ensures that certain websites do not even show up in results of SEO activity. Such a poor showing may be due to changes of ownership of the website and perceived lower value.

As far as new websites go, they may not even show up on SEO results. Established websites may also show up in the top ranks when one conducts a search engine optimization exercise, but then suddenly drop in rankings or again disappear from the internet domain. If you are a company doing SEO Malaysia then you could think of the Google Sandbox when something like this happens.

What is the Solution?
For best SEO results, it can be important to deal with this Sandbox Effect. It would be good to do the following few things to determine what went wrong:

. Has someone spammed your domain?
. Has your server had continuous or major outages?
. How good is the quality of links on your website which is a main criterion for good search engine optimization results
. Being country specific, for instance, determining if results are better in SEO Malaysia or elsewhere.

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